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Planning a memorable event in Frisco, TX? Elevate the excitement and beat the summer heat with thrilling water-centric attractions like dunk tanks and water slides. Whether you're organizing a birthday party, a fundraiser, or a community event, dunk tank and water slide rentals add a splash of fun that everyone will enjoy. Let's dive into the details of these exciting party rentals in Frisco!

Dunk Tank Rentals in Frisco TX: When it comes to adding a splash of excitement to your event, a dunk tank takes center stage. Here are some keywords to guide you through the world of dunk tank rentals in Frisco:

  1. Dunk Tank Rental Frisco TX: Dive into the fun with a dunk tank rental in Frisco. Add an interactive element to your event that will have participants and spectators alike eagerly anticipating the next big splash.

  2. Frisco Dunking Booth for Rent: Create laughter and camaraderie by renting a dunking booth in Frisco. Perfect for corporate events, school carnivals, or simply a backyard party, a dunking booth is a classic crowd-pleaser.

  3. Party Dunk Tank Frisco: Turn your gathering into a party to remember with a party dunk tank in Frisco. Watch as guests take turns trying to dunk their friends or colleagues – it's the ultimate icebreaker.

  4. Event Dunk Tank Rental in Frisco: Make your event stand out by incorporating an event dunk tank rental. Whether it's a family reunion or a company picnic, a dunk tank adds an element of excitement that fosters memorable moments.

  5. Frisco TX Dunking Booth Services: Explore the various dunking booth services available in Frisco, TX. Consider the different packages and features offered to find the perfect fit for your specific event needs.

  6. Dunk Tank Party Entertainment Frisco: Elevate your party entertainment with a dunk tank in Frisco. Create a festive atmosphere where guests can enjoy good-natured competition and create lasting memories.

  7. Rent a Dunk Tank in Frisco: Simplify your event planning by renting a dunk tank in Frisco. Check with local rental providers to find a dunk tank that suits your space and guest capacity.

  8. Dunk Tank for Fundraisers Frisco TX: Turn your fundraiser into a fun-filled event with a dunk tank. Encourage donations and participation as attendees line up to take their shot at dunking a willing participant.

  9. Portable Dunk Tank Frisco: Opt for convenience with a portable dunk tank in Frisco. Portable options provide flexibility in choosing the location for your dunk tank setup.

  10. Affordable Dunk Tank Rental Frisco: Plan your event on a budget by exploring affordable dunk tank rental options in Frisco. Affordable options allow you to add excitement to your gathering without breaking the bank.

Water Slide Rentals in Frisco TX: Now, let's shift our focus to the exhilarating world of water slide rentals in Frisco:

  1. Water Slide Rental Frisco TX: Beat the heat with a water slide rental in Frisco. From towering slides to more compact options, there's a water slide for every event size.

  2. Inflatable Water Slide Frisco: Create a water park experience with an inflatable water slide in Frisco. These colorful and safe attractions add a sense of adventure to any party.

  3. Frisco TX Water Slide Party Rentals: Make a splash at your next party with water slide rentals in Frisco. Transform your backyard into a water wonderland that guests of all ages will love.

  4. Affordable Water Slide Rental Frisco: Enjoy the thrill of a water slide on a budget with affordable rental options in Frisco. Compare prices and features to find the best deal for your event.

  5. Backyard Water Slide Rental Frisco: Bring the water park to your backyard with a backyard water slide rental in Frisco. Perfect for family gatherings and birthday celebrations, these slides offer hours of fun.

  6. Slip and Slide Rental Frisco TX: Amp up the excitement with a slip and slide rental in Frisco. A classic favorite, a slip and slide add a playful and refreshing element to your event.

  7. Water Attractions for Parties in Frisco: Explore a variety of water attractions suitable for parties in Frisco. From slides to water games, these attractions ensure your guests stay cool and entertained.

  8. Dual Lane Water Slide Rental Frisco: Double the fun with a dual lane water slide rental in Frisco. Race to the finish or simply enjoy side-by-side sliding for an extra dose of excitement.

  9. Inflatable Pool Slide Rental Frisco: Combine the joy of a slide with the refreshment of a pool with an inflatable pool slide rental in Frisco. Perfect for hot summer days.

  10. Wet and Wild Slide Rental Frisco TX: Embrace the wet and wild side of party planning with a wet and wild slide rental in Frisco. These slides provide an exhilarating experience for water enthusiasts.

In conclusion, whether you're looking to make a splash with a dunk tank or add a twist of adventure with a water slide, Frisco, TX, has a variety of party rental options to suit your needs. Dive into the planning process and create an event that leaves a lasting impression of fun and excitement!

Dunk Tank and Water Slide Rental in Frisco

Birthday Parties, Backyard Parties, Picnics, Corporate Events, School Events,  Church Events, Small to large events, We've got what you need

Celebrations At The Park - Frisco Parks are great to have your next event. Below is all the information  you need from booking a Pavilion with the city to what to expect from us to make your event a success. 

Bounce House Rentals at Frisco Parks  

Frisco is a great city to have a celebration at one of their beautiful parks. We specialize in the Frisco area and have all the information you need to ensure a successful event at one of the many parks to choose from in Frisco. Many of the parks have pavilions available for rent for half days or even full days depending on your needs. Just contact the Parks and Recreation Department at the number shown below to secure your pavilion today.


A few requirements from the city:

  • Certificate of Insurance (We provide this)
  • No stakes allowed to secure inflatables (we can use sandbags, additional fees apply)
  • No dunk tanks or water slides are allowed.
  • You must provide a generator to run the bounce house (we can provide a generator for an additional fee)

We do have a few requirements for park delivery. You will need to rent a generator from us. While some parks may have electricity, we have found the outlets to be unreliable which is why we require the generator. We also want to ensure your event goes without an issue due to outlets not working. Parks also usually require a more specific delivery time. When we are limited to a one hour delivery window or less, there will be a specific delivery fee added to your order. Flexible delivery times do not incur this fee but allow delivery up to four hours prior to the event start time. /p>  

Parks and Recreation - (972) 292-6500 -


Pavilion Reservations -


Frisco Dunk Tank Rental

Frisco Dunk Tank Rentals

Ramp up the fun at your next Frisco party or event with a dunk tank rental from DFW Party Rental. Dunk Tanks are fun for kids of all ages, and you might even catch an adult or 2 in there! Your party goers with have a blast laughing and having fun dunking their friends and family. Dunk tanks are the best choice for that carnival feel. Add a few carnival themed bounce house or even a few of our awesome carnival games. 


See Our Great Dunk Tanks


Frisco Water Slide RentalsFrisco Water Slide Rentals

Don’t let the hot Texas sun push your party indoors! Just add some water! DFW Party Rental has water slide rentals that are out of this world.

Our slides are one of a kind! Check out our large selection of inflatable party rentals..


See Our Water Ride Line Up 


Frisco Bounce House Rentals for Backyard Parties - 


DFW Party Rental has a wide variety of bounce houses, combo bounce houses with slides, water slide rentals, dunk tanks, and much more to make sure your backyard party is a success. Our bounce houses come in many different shapes and sizes ensuring a perfect fit for any backyard. Save Money by adding a concession and a few tables and chairs to take advantage of our party packages. We deliver clean and safe fun and we are always on time. If you have the room, consider an obstacle course for your event. It adds some healthy active fun to your event. Attendees will enjoy racing down the slide to see who can be the best and fastest on the challenge.   


Frisco Corporate Event Rentals - 


We do many corporate events in Frisco and all the surrounding areas. From Dunk Tank rentals for fund raisers to concessions or just tables and chairs. DFW Party Rental can deliver the goods to your next event. We work hard to provide quality products for a fair price while providing excellent customer service from start to finish. Call us today to start the process. Add some fun to your corporate event with a few arcade games, ping pong table, or a few of our challenging carnival games. Consider our Toxic Meltdown ride or even our Zorb Balls for some fun competition. 


Frisco School Event Rentals -  We have done tons of events at schools. From Fall Festivals to Fund Raising to celebrating a job well done, we can help you with everything you need to have a great event at your school. Large variety of inflatables, games, carnival games, dunk tanks, etc. We also offer 10% OFF for Schools orders over $250.00. Call us and ask for details today! Schools love bounce house rentals for the smaller kids. Bouncy house rentals are a great addition to any party. Inflatable gaga pits are the new thing and kids love the fast paced game. Inflatable Zorb balls, or our inflatable toxic meltdown is the next level of fun! Check out all our games, we have the best selection in town!  Frisco Church Event Rentals - We absolutely love setting up events at all the surrounding churches in our area. We offer all Churches 10% OFF any order over $250.00. We can do Carnivals with our Carnival Themed Inflatables and Games. To just a Dunk Tank or Concessions. Whatever you need we can provide. Call us and ask for details today! A few popular items for church events are of course the typical bounce house or obstacle course. Bouncy house rentals are always a great addition for the smaller kids in the crowd. But for some of the bigger kids, you need something a bit more challenging like out Zorb Balls with track rental, or our toxic meltdown is always super fun! A few other options are our inflatable gaga pit. Water slides are always great in the Texas heat. We even have large dry slides which offer great throughput. So only go with the Best, DFW Party Rental can bring you the fun for your next carnival. For indoor, check out our arcade games. We also offer ping pong tables. Carnival games work great indoors as well. 


DFW Party Rental has the BEST Inflatables and Dunk Tanks in Frisco - 


We are located in Frisco, so we know the area and already do business with many Parents, Schools, Churches, and Businesses. You can trust DFW Party Rental to provide quality products and a fair price. We will be on time, ensure all our products are clean and ready to use. And make sure you are fully trained to use any product you have of ours. We are also fully insured, and all of our inflatables are inspected by the state each year. Insurance and inspection certificates will be provided upon request. 

DFW Party Rental Dunk Tank