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Human Foosball - Up to 10 people - Team Building!

Human Foosball - Up to 10 people - Team Building!

    • Actual Size: 45'L x 20'W x 7'T
    • Setup Area: 50' X 25'
    • Outlets: 1 Regular Household Outlet
    • Age Group: 6 and up
    • Attendants: 1 Adult

    • Available Booking Options

      Up to 6 Hours / Pickup by 6:00 PM $451.25
      Up to 8 Hours $522.50
      Overnight $617.50
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Welcome to the world of competitive camaraderie with our Human Foosball experience! Elevate your event with this life-sized, action-packed attraction that brings the classic tabletop game to life. Here's why Human Foosball is the perfect addition to your gathering:

  1. Team-Building Fun: Unleash the spirit of teamwork and cooperation as players work together to score goals in this giant-sized version of the beloved foosball game.

  2. Inclusive Entertainment: Suitable for all ages and skill levels, Human Foosball is an inclusive activity that fosters friendly competition and laughter among participants.

  3. Safe and Controlled Environment: Our Human Foosball setup ensures a safe playing environment, with padded walls and strict safety measures, allowing participants to enjoy the game without worry.

  4. Versatile for Any Occasion: Whether it's a corporate team-building event, a school festival, or a community gathering, Human Foosball adds a unique and entertaining element to any occasion.

  5. Engaging Spectator Sport: Watch the excitement unfold as players maneuver within their designated "foosball rods." The cheering and laughter from spectators create an energetic atmosphere.

Our Rental Package Includes:

  • Delivery and Setup: Our professional team takes care of the delivery, setup, and takedown, ensuring a hassle-free experience for event organizers.

  • Customizable Team Sizes: Adapt the game to your event by customizing team sizes and formats based on the number of participants.

  • Flexible Rental Periods: Whether it's a short burst of excitement or an extended tournament, our flexible rental periods cater to your event's schedule.

Book Your Human Foosball Experience Today!

Transform your event into a hub of laughter, teamwork, and friendly competition with Human Foosball. Contact us now to check availability, and secure a dynamic and memorable experience for your upcoming gathering. Get ready for a spirited game that will have everyone talking!

How to Play & Rules
The game is very similar to foosball in that two teams are connected to rods so they can only move laterally across the court instead of up and down like traditional soccer. The ball is served between the two opponents in the middle of the court and players must kick the ball to other players on the same rod or advance it in an attempt to score a goal. Games are typically played to 5 points but sometimes can be played to 10.

Requires gate opening of at least 40" wide for it to fit. No stairs or steep inclines. Please measure prior to ordering. 

* Great for parties, school festivals , church carnivals and corporate events

45'L x 20'W x 7'T

How we’ll benefit you:
  • On-Time Delivery Guarantee!
  • Affordable inflatable rentals.
  • Our service includes delivery, setup and pickup.
  • We go through all the safety guidelines with you to ensure a safe and fun filled event.
  • Most inflatables will come with a mat for the entrance.
  • If you need a tarp, please make a note during check out.
  • Flexible rental period - If you need to keep the items later than our latest pickup time, please pick overnight for your event end time.
  • Delivery charges may apply depending on distance from our warehouse in Pilot Point, TX
  • For inquiries please call us at (888) 584-6424
  • Exemplary service and professionalism you would expect from the best party rentals in North Dallas.

Human Foosball Rental

Video shows a smaller version, ours is a 10 person game.