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Foam Cannon

Foam Cannon

    • Outlets: 1 Regular Household Outlet
    • Age Group: All Ages
    • Attendants: 1 Adult

    • Available Booking Options

      Up to 6 Hours / Pickup by 6:00 PM $375.25
      Up to 8 Hours $434.50
      Overnight $513.50
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Foam Cannon Rental

💦 Unleash the foam party of a lifetime with our Foam Cannon Rental – where bubbles, laughter, and pure excitement take your event to the next level! 🚀✨

🌈 Foam-Filled Fun for All! 🌈

Turn your gathering into a bubbly wonderland with our Foam Cannon Rental! Whether it's a birthday bash, a pool party, or a community event, our foam cannon promises an unforgettable experience that will have everyone laughing and dancing in the foam-filled air.

🛁 Bubble Extravaganza! 🛁

Get ready for an immersive bubble extravaganza! Our foam cannon produces a mountain of soft, fluffy bubbles, creating an atmosphere of whimsy and joy. It's not just a party; it's a sensory experience that will leave your guests talking long after the foam settles.

💧 Safe and Squeaky Clean! 💧

Safety is our priority. Our Foam Cannon Rental uses high-quality, hypoallergenic foam solution that is gentle on the skin and easy to rinse off. Watch as your guests revel in the bubbly madness while staying safe and squeaky clean.

🎉 Foam-Fueled Memories! 🎉

Create memories that last a lifetime with the Foam Cannon Rental. Whether you're hosting a kids' party or an adult celebration, the foam adds an element of excitement that transforms ordinary moments into extraordinary memories.

🌐 Portable Foam Party, Anywhere, Anytime! 🌐

Our Foam Cannon is portable and easy to set up, bringing the foam party to your chosen venue. From backyards to event spaces, the foam-filled fun can happen anywhere, making it a versatile addition to any celebration.

🎟️ Book Your Foam-Filled Fiesta Today! 🎟️

Don't miss the chance to elevate your event with the Foam Cannon Rental. Reserve your foam-filled fiesta now and let the bubbles roll. It's not just a rental; it's a ticket to a foam party that will have everyone reminiscing about the bubbly excitement!

👉 Ready to turn your event into a foam-filled spectacle? Secure your Foam Cannon Rental now for an experience that's as bubbly as it gets! 💦🎈

Our foam cannon is a step up from our foam machine! It can shoot foam up to 30ft! Either cover a larger area or shoot it up so it rains foam down on the participants. This cannon is good for all age ranges and your guaranteed to have hours of fun. Includes enough foam product for 2 hours of continuous foam production with this rental. More product can be purchased at checkout if needed.  

Check out our foam pit to keep the foam contained - Click Here